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Dan Mulcahey

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Think you’re managing to eat healthy while stuck at home? Be careful — as this post from the archives shows, even natural foods can be high in calories.


You’ve heard people say “everything in moderation” when it comes to things like pizza, soda and cake. But how about relatively pure, healthy and natural foods? Well, it turns out that is the case as well if weight loss is your goal. Check out a sampling of some of the more surprising foods that fit this mold, courtesy of Shape:

  • Whole wheat bread. Depending on the brand, it can actually have more calories than white bread!
  • Coconut milk. An ever-popular substitute to the cow-based stuff, it can have more than 500 calories per serving, which is getting you up into dinner territory. Make sure to go for the low-calorie version
  • Greek yogurt. If you’re going for the fruit-filled yogurt cups, watch the sugar – that little container can pack well more than the 150 calories common in the plain versions

It turns out it’s not just the obvious things like chips and cookies we need to be mindful of. If you’ve been looking to accelerate your weight loss, being aware of these calorie busters might help.

– Dan Mulcahey