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Like everything else, technology is transforming fitness — from digital fitness mirrors that help you participate in group training from your living room, to wearable gear that packs advanced heart analytics. Some trends, however, are simply about the sweat. Here are three of them, courtesy of U.S. News and World Report:

  • High-intensity interval training. Also known as HIIT, it isn’t new, but its popularity continues to grow. The focus is getting your heart rate to 80 percent of its maximum, alternating between short periods of rest and intense exercise.
  • Online personal training. This is a new twist on a very traditional approach. Virtual personal training gives you the motivation and know-how of a trainer without the travel time to the gym.
  • Functional fitness training. Even if you’re in great shape, chances are you have some weaknesses — whether it is a weak lower back or tight leg muscles. Exercises tailored toward addressing weaknesses in daily functioning as well as specific sports (such as a golf swing) can help give your workouts more purpose.

One thing hasn’t changed — there is no replacement for putting in the time and sweat yet!

– Dan Mulcahey