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Fall is upon us! One of the best things about the season is being able to spend time outdoors without baking in the heat. Especially now, this is a great way to get out of the house AND get the exercise you need. Check out these benefits from the archives:


If you’re looking for one of the most versatile exercise options this season, hiking is hard to beat. Whether you seek an easy or more challenging outing, it’s something you can do with friends of any athletic level. Here are some of the biggest benefits, courtesy of Harvard Medical School:

  • The slightly uneven surface works your core. Aside from the cardiovascular benefits, adding the terrain differences helps work your abs no matter how fast you go – which is something you won’t get from a treadmill
  • Being in nature helps your mental fitness. Studies have shown some time around greenery helps relieve stress levels
  • It’s something you can easily make a social activity with your less active friends. Even for those friends of yours (or a spouse) who don’t normally exercise, hiking doesn’t have the intimidation effect of the gym

With any luck, you might expand your group of workout partners!

– Dan Mulcahey