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Fast Fitness: Three Low-Impact Ways to Burn Fat, Not Time

Walking through the checkout at the grocery store, you see cover after cover of magazines showing images of celebrities and fitness models with headlines highlighting the many ways to get in shape. Unfortunately, the rest of us live in the real world -- where we can't devote most of our hours, energy (and in the case of a trainer, money) to being an Instagram fitness influencer. Here are three low-impact fat burning tools you can do at the gym or home that won't require a manual to figure out, courtesy of Health.com: Kettlebells. One of the simplest exercise tools to use, they can be incorporated in a variety of exercise routines for a full-body workout. Suspension straps: Systems like TRX can be hooked over a door and give you countless ways to engage your core, as well as upper and lower body muscles. Barre: Inspired by ballet, yoga and pilates, it strengthens and tones your muscles while increasing cardiovascular fitness and metabolism. Sometimes the best exercise equipment is the simplest -- or simply your own knowledge! -Dan Mulcahey

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