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Wondering how you can beat the extra calories as we head into the holiday season? Check out this post from the archives that can help you enjoy the delicacies of the season without setting you back weeks in the gym.


I mentioned on the air today that the average American will consume up to 4,500 calories for their holiday meal. Forget about sugarplums dancing in your head as you nod off after the big feast…how about a treadmill belt whirring? Here are some tips to help you make that post-holiday calorie shed a little less painful, courtesy of Eating Well:

  • Get some rest. Unrelated? Not at all. Those short on sleep tend to eat around 300 calories more than someone who is rested
  • Ponder your first grab. You’re more likely to eat more of what you grab first than anything else, so make that move to the celery sticks (and go light on the ranch dip)
  • Use a salad plate for your entree. This will encourage you to take smaller portions of each item instead of just piling everything on, which could save you around half the calories

Good luck and don’t worry – we’ll be back with our post-holiday workout post to help you with the rest of those calories!

– Dan Mulcahey