Adopt: Rose

Kitten, female, domestic shorthair mix, white with grey tabby markings. Sweet, playful, friendly. Approximate birthdate: 4/11/19.

Adopt: Soubise

Kitten, female, domestic shorthair mix, white with brown tabby markings. Sweet, a little shy, playful, fun. Approximate birthdate: 04/08/2019.

Adopt: Kirby

Young, male, domestic shorthair mix, black with a patch of white on his chest and belly. Friendly, full of energy, purr monster. Approximate birthdate: 4/2/2019.

Adopt: Zola

Adult, female, domestic medium hair mix, black. Sweet, loves people, gentle, affectionate. Zola is FIV+ but can live safely with other non-aggressive FIV- cats. Approximate birthdate: 05/13/2018.

Adopt: Piper

Adult, female, domestic shorthair/tabby mix, black & brown tabby, sweet, friendly, outgoing and affectionate. Approximate birthdate: 1/1/2016.

Adopt: Macie

Adult, female, domestic shorthair/tortoiseshell mix, dark tortie, sweet, affectionate, outgoing. Approximate birthdate: 2/19/2014.