Debbie's "On The Verge" with Sarah Lawton

Newly married, super cool to talk to, soaring vocals, and a love of Stevie Nicks!   That's Sarah Lawton!   My fave song from her new EP, "Sticks And Stones" is "One Trick Pony!"  I'm sure you'll love it, too, so check out her music and become a fan!

Debbie's "On The Verge" with Rebel Union

From the minute I heard Rebel Union's song, "Secondhand High," I knew I was going to enjoy interviewing them!   Lyrics that resonate, music that stays with you, and passion for their craft!   Oh, and a sense of humor as well (they refer to themselves as "4 Troublemakers" on their website bios!"   Check out my chat…

Debbie's "On The Verge" with Devin Williams

Normally, Devin Williams is a jeans and tee shirt kinda musician, but not for this latest CD!   "Devin Williams With String Quartet" is a little different but so good!  This guy is the real deal, and his songs have a raw honesty about them.   Check out our interview and hear how he got this project…