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Worried about the calorie avalanche coming with Thanksgiving this week? Check out this quick home workout that you can even do at your relatives’ house.


We secretly love our boxed mashed potatoes and canned cranberry sauce (as much as we love the real thing too). In this spirit, we’re providing you with a canned home workout – courtesy of Shape – for Thanksgiving since the gym likely won’t be open until tomorrow:

  • Pushups. Do these on your toes to change it up, or use your knees for modified pushups if needed. Try for at least three sets of 10
  • Wall sits. Do a squat, then hold your back against the wall for as long as you can. Three is one set
  • Tricep chair dips. Start by sitting on a chair and placing your hands next to your thighs. Straighten your legs out and slide off the chair, keeping your hands on the chair to prop yourself up. Slowly lower and raise yourself from this position. Up and down is one – try for three sets of 10

You just might get to take the edge off the calorie binge!

– Dan Mulcahey