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Frustrated by how long it takes to lose weight? Check out this post from the archives to help you understand what it takes to beat your metabolism.


Whether you’ve been focused on a little toning up or a bigger weight loss goal, one of the first things you may notice after starting your diet and exercise routine in earnest is…what you don’t notice. One of the biggest surprises for those trying to lose weight for the first time is how it can take weeks to begin to notice any real difference. The good news is you are losing weight even if you don’t see it, as noted by the experts at

  • Intramuscular fat is lost first. This is the fat that is stored around and within your muscles
  • Subcutaneous fat is lost once you start burning intramuscular fat. This is the fat you see, and is what makes your clothing tight

While the subcutaneous fat is what we all want to lose, it is actually more important to lose the more harmful internal fat first, as it poses the greatest health risk to your organs. The best thing you can do is to maintain a steady, achievable routine you can sustain over the long term that will allow you to burn through it all at a steady pace without starving yourself. It can be done!

– Dan Mulcahey