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New Jersey Lands in Top 10 of Best States for Single People

Why are there so many single people in New Jersey? We can estimate that there are just under ten million people in the state. There are a significant amount who don’t want to get married. Maybe they’ve seen what it’s like to be in a permanent relationship and it doesn’t appeal to them. There is nothing wrong with that. Then there are millions of single people in Jersey who are always searching among other single people for that special someone. It's like they're on a mission to find a long-lasting permanent relationship so they can live happily ever after. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. Full Disclosure Before I move forward with my opinion, I should share that I’ve been married for almost half of my life. I married young, and when that didn’t work out, I married again within five years. I have been married now for over twenty-two years. The way I see it, there seem to be many more single people today whose priorities differ from past generations. They like the independence and autonomy of dating but do not delve into a commitment. According to my parents, in retrospect, when they were young marriage was expected. Most people felt if you didn’t get married then there may be something wrong with you. “Why can’t he or she find someone?” There was more pressure to get married, especially if you wanted to have children. That need is no longer necessary. Changing Times Traditional relationships regarding families have changed in a big way over the years. The attitudes towards marriage, living together, and parenting have made it more common to stay single. It’s created a society where you’re not judged as much for not settling down when you’re young. A large percentage choose to establish their career before deciding to start a family. Additionally, today more people are starting that family and are not interested in getting married. New Jersey Singles According to a recent WalletHub article, “Best and Worst States for Singles,” New Jersey is in the top twenty percent. They ranked best to worst based on three factors, economics, opportunities, and romance and fun. New Jersey came in at number 10. We ranked 9th for dating opportunities, 23rd in dating economics, and 12th for romance and fun. Our neighbors in New York and Pennsylvania ranked 4th and 5th respectively overall. Central Jersey Singles Additionally, according to an study, most people in many Central Jersey towns are still single. These single-people towns include New Brunswick, Red Bank, Neptune City, Trenton, and Asbury Park. Surprisingly, no towns in Somerset County ended up on that list. According to report based on Census Bureau data, there are nearly ninety unmarried men to every one hundred unmarried women. With all of this in mind, “keep on keeping on.” If you are single and looking to be married, don’t give up. There are so many beautiful stories of people finding love, and yours is going to happen too. If you’re single and enjoy your life, don’t tolerate anyone trying to tell you there’s something wrong with you because of it. [select-listicle listicle_id="831353" syndication_name="avoid-these-first-date-fails-14-worst-places-to-go" description="yes"]

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