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Carbs have been vilified, but are they really as bad as they sound? Here are some quick tips from the archives on how to — and not to — carb.


Carbs: enemy or friend? The answer isn’t that simple. It really depends on your activity level, timing and the types of carbs you’re taking in. Here are some tips, courtesy of Shape:

  • Two grams per pound of body weight. This is how much you should take in, with an additional gram per pound for every 30 minutes of exercise.
  • Whole grain is key. You already likely guessed that fruits, vegetables and legumes are high-quality complex carbs. But whole grain pasta and bread is good too – just not their white bread and pasta cousins. These are simple carbs, and low value.
  • One gram of protein for every two grabs of carbs throughout the day. Always pair protein and carbs, and try to spread out your consumption throughout the day.

Carbs are more complex than you may have thought!

– Dan Mulcahey