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Dan Mulcahey

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These days, it seems like all of us are seeing a big drop in our step counts due to more time spent at home. Even the walks we took for granted, such as those related to our commute, are often no longer part of the picture. With Halloween decorations out (and soon Christmas lights), it’s a great time to make a regular walk an intentional part of your exercise routine. Here are some tips on maximizing the benefits, courtesy of Mayo Clinic:

  • Start a routine. For me, I try to answer emails over two 30-minute walk blocks during the week. You’ll be amazed how many calories that adds up to if you keep it brisk.
  • Yes, technique matters. Slightly tighten those stomach muscles and keep your head up. Ensure your upper body is relaxed and moving with your stride.
  • Vary the route. You’re less likely to fall off your routine if you keep it interesting.

We all could use a little “zen” time these days, and making some time for walks is one way to do it while burning some of those stay-at-home calories.

Dan Mulcahey