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The Garden State 10 is about six weeks away on March 29! It isn’t too late to train. Check out this post from the archives on how to get in fighting shape.


Spring is right around the corner, and whether you’ve been working hard at getting in shape or you’re just trying to dust off your running shoes after a long winter, you may be considering doing a race like the Garden State 10 Miler a month from today on March 31 (which includes a 5K) with Magic 98.3 and the Garden State Track Club. Over the next month, we’ll be highlighting some tips to help you “build up your base” as we say in the running world. Ready? Let’s start with some beginner pointers, courtesy of Active.com:

  • Don’t warm up with static stretches. It’s better for you to get the blood flowing with things like walking lunges or straight-leg kicks. It will help prevent injury and help you have a better workout
  • Start with about 30 minutes of running or walking three days a week. Giving yourself a day of rest in-between will allow your body to properly recover, giving you a base to build on with additional training days in the weeks ahead
  • You’re probably starting off way too fast. Virtually every person I know who says they can’t run winds up going way too fast at the start, exhausting themselves too quickly. Start slower than you think you can run, and you’ll be surprised how the right pacing can get you much further than you ever thought you could go.
  • Recover with the right amount of protein and carbohydrates. Believe it or not, chocolate milk is a great choice. I bet you never saw this recommendation coming!

With the right amount of stretching, pacing and recovery, you’ll be ready to tackle the big race.

– Dan Mulcahey