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Best of Fast Fitness: Safely Working Out in the Heat

Think more sweat and effort is necessarily better? You might want to reconsider ditching the indoor workout for the sun after reading this post from the Fast Fitness archives. *** It's summer (woot woot), which means everything is great: the food, the weather, the pool, the drinks, the friend time outside. Your workout should be…

Fast Fitness: Keto Diet 101

Heard good things about the keto diet? Before you start any diet, it is important to get the facts from a reliable, third-party source to weigh the pros and cons. Here are some pointers on Keto, courtesy of Harvard Health:

Fast Fitness: Let's Talk Glutes

Doing seemingly millions of squats and machine exercises at the gym to firm up your behind, but can't get the results you want? You may be working hard enough, but what you're doing might require some adjustment. Here is a self-assessment, courtesy of Health: Your form. This is likely the biggest culprit. Have a friend record your moves…

Fast Fitness: New Research Finds Fitness a State of Mind

We all know motivation is the first step to getting in the gym -- once you're there and moving, you're likely to finish your workout. New research shared by Science Daily shows it is more mind over matter than we might have thought: Our personality plays a role in choosing solo or team activities. Those who…