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Now more than perhaps ever before, fighting those cravings is truly hard. Even if your cabinets are clear, the food delivery app is calling your name at all hours as a virtual pantry of sorts. Fight back with these tips from the archives.


There it is on the second shelf of your cabinet: a box of cookies. The only thing standing between you and the cookies is your willpower. You tell yourself you’ll only have one. Okay, maybe two. You’ll definitely be good tomorrow after the third. We have all been there and know how this movie ends.

Finding our “bliss point” is a bit of art and science, and we have our ancient predecessors to blame (yes – someone else is at fault)! Here are some tips to keep your cravings under control, courtesy of CNN:

  • Increase your sensitivity to sugar. Our brains were designed to reward the consumption of sugar, salt and fat for survival, so it becomes like an addiction where you need more to be satisfied. Start by cutting as much sugar as you can from other processed foods, like salad dressings, so your brain is less accustomed to it – starting with cutting the treats likely isn’t going to lead to success.
  • Lean on the other flavor types. Sweet and salty are the big ones in most of our diets, but try to gear your diet toward savory (e.g. lemon pepper chicken), sour (e.g. pickled onions on a salad) and bitter (e.g. dark chocolate). This is where many diets fall down – flavor goes out the window, and you’re left craving sweet and salty.
  • Get creative with portion control on sweet and salty foods. For example, buy individually-wrapped chocolate pieces rather than a big bag. You may not stop at one, but research has shown it reduces intake.

We can do this!

– Dan Mulcahey