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You’re probably familiar with vegetarian and vegan diets, but did you know there are many variations that may make the health benefits more in reach (and realistic)? Check out three of the most doable, courtesy of Women’s Health:

  • Pollo Vegetarian: If you understand some Spanish, you probably already figured this one out. It’s vegetarian, with chicken added in. It also adds other types of poultry, including duck and turkey.
  • Pescatarian: You may have heard of this common variation, which includes fish. Some pescatarians also include dairy products, such as milk and eggs.
  • Flexitarian: My favorite of them all puts plants at the center, but allows for meat to continue to play a secondary role. Many traditional diets have it flipped, so by simply eating less meat, it allows you to get many of the benefits without feeling you’re making an extreme change.

This might be what the doctor ordered with the holiday calories on deck!

-Dan Mulcahey