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Still trying to remain committed to your exercise goals during this extraordinary time? Here are some dieting tips from the archives that can help you find the balance.


First it was fat, then it was carbs that we had to avoid to achieve the beach body we want. New research shows that the right kind of carbs are not only fine for our body image, but essential for our long-term health. Here are some tips from Healthline:

  • Don’t cut carbs — switch them out. Upgrade from flour-based carbs like bread and pasta to non-starchy vegetables, meat, eggs, berries, fish, eggs and dairy.
  • Beware packaged foods — even those that appear healthy. Even if they say organic or natural, they can have tons of sugar.
  • Beverages are still the culprit. What we drink continues to be a major contributor to our intake of sugar, including seemingly healthy choices like fruit juice. Try seltzer, coffee with skim milk, tea or other beverages that have flavor without the sugar (including fake sugar).

Carbs can be a friend to our health and our waistline!

– Dan Mulcahey