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Can’t navigate the flood of dieting advice you find searching the web? Here are five basic points from the archives that boil it all down.

We all get so much advice about maintaining a healthy weight that it can be overwhelming to figure out the most important things to focus on. Since we know you’re busy, we’ve done the heavy lifting and found five pointers from one of the leading doctors in the area of weight loss, courtesy of the Harvard Health Blog:

  • Make time to prepare healthy meals. Even if you have to devote a few hours on Sunday to shop and plan meals out for a busy week, it’s an investment that pays serious dividends. Buy precut vegetables to save time
  • Eat slowly. It takes your brain 20 minutes to realize it is full. How quickly do you scarf down that sandwich at lunch, or even dinner?
  • Eat evenly-sized meals. Instead of having a small breakfast, bigger lunch and even bigger dinner, have a right-sized breakfast to boost your metabolism and avoid raiding the fridge by dinnertime
  • Get enough sleep. A lack of sleep has been shown to have a direct correlation to late eating and poor food choices all day
  • Get on the scale…often. It’s easy to fall off the wagon tracking calories when your days get busy, but a quick daily weigh-in takes no time at all. It’s all the motivation you need

Once you cut through all of the noise of weight loss, it’s easy to keep your eye on the goal!

– Dan Mulcahey