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The holidays are upon us…and so are the calories. Get ahead of them with these quick weight loss tips from the archives.


Worried that the weight will come back this holiday season after a great summer of salads and fruit? Try these three lifestyle tips to battle the bulge, courtesy of Health.com:

  • Cut down on eating out. Even if the meals are similar to what you might prepare at home, they almost always have more calories. If you do eat out, try to stick to the least processed meals (like salad)
  • Skip the snack aisle. Don’t even go down the bad aisles in the grocery store. You’ll avoid the temptation
  • Up the size of your breakfast. If you load up on a healthy, high-calorie breakfast, you’ll have an easier time sticking to your goals the rest of the day and avoiding the snack machine “just this one last time”

Sometimes, the best weight loss plan is not putting yourself in the wrong situation!

– Dan Mulcahey