Where in the World Is Brett Radler?

In case you hadn’t noticed, for the last two weeks, I took my first vacation from the night show since I started last summer! While I’m super excited to get back on the air with you, I have to share what a fantastic experience I enjoyed over the last 2 weeks. Earlier this year, my…

Maryann Gives Mike McGinn Tips For A Happy Marriage

Mike is getting married this weekend and everyone around here is super excited for him.  We also want him to have a happy life with his soon to be wife.  The on air staff gathered together and decided we should give him advice since we are all in happy marriages. Cande Roth and I had…

Maryann's RVing Vacation

My husband and I have talked about Rving National Parks for years. Every time we pass an RV on the highway I always mention that we should buy one. After our trip to Yosemite, I realize renting one as opposed to buying one is the way to go for us!