TOPSHOT - A New Jersey police car stands guard November 1, 2017, in New Jersey. / AFP PHOTO / EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ (Photo credit should read EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP via Getty Images)

The members of the Holmdel Township Committee have announced an investment in technology that is aimed at reducing the number of attempted car thefts in the Holmdel area.

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs) are cameras that automatically scan and read the license plates of passing cars. These devices have the potential to scan millions of license plates each year. They’ll help the Holmdel Township Police Department solve crimes more quickly by checking a vehicle’s plate, make, model, and color against a national database to find out if it has been reported stolen, is associated with a missing person, or is wanted as evidence in an investigation.

“The Holmdel Township Committee is committed to reducing vehicle theft and attempted vehicle theft within our community,” said former guest of Joel and Maryann in the Morning and Holmdel Mayor Greg Buontempo. “We will continue to equip the police department with the resources and technology they need to both prevent and respond to crime in Holmdel. This is the first of many investments that we are making to protect our residents.”

Holmdel Police Chief Frank Allocco shared, “We already have two ALPR devices mounted on police vehicles which have been very helpful. Our goal is to install stationary plate readers in
strategic locations around town, so that if a stolen car drives through the Township, the police department will be tipped off and we can direct our officers to a specific location.”
Police Captain Jeffrey Ackerson echoed the chief’s words, “the downside is that they are constantly moving. Installing fixed-mounted ALPR devices will allow the police department to
triangulate a more precise area to search for any stolen vehicles within the Township.”

The Holmdel Police Department continues to urge residents to lock their vehicle doors, bring vehicle key fobs into the house with them, and report any suspicious behavior to the department as soon as possible. Vigilance from Holmdel residence in collaboration with effective police work and up-to-date technology will go a long way towards reducing attempted vehicle thefts in Holmdel Township.

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