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New Jersey Guy’s Clever but Costly Prank Lands Him in Absecon Jail

I’m rather proud of the pranks I’ve done in my life. However, I’ve always followed the rule that a prank can’t hurt or damage anyone or anything. I’ve filled desk drawers with bananas, and I’ve put fake parking tickets on cars, but my favorite happened around Christmas time. It was just after Thanksgiving 2002 here at Magic 98.3, and our General Manager told me we were going to have a Secret Santa. So I volunteered to write all of my coworkers' names on pieces of paper and have each of them pick a name. I thought it would be festively fun to put my name on all the slips of paper. My vision was that when it came time to exchange gifts, they would all be for me. It would be legendary, I thought. One of the rules of the game is that you can't tell anyone else whose name you picked. That didn’t happen and the prank happened much earlier than I had hoped. However, not all pranks are harmless. Just ask this one Jersey guy who is in trouble for a costly prank. His clever idea ended up landing the man in Absecon jail. What did he do? He turned the water in several neighborhood pools green. It's how he did it that’s interesting. According to 6ABC, 45-year-old Patrick Spina IV, was nabbed by police for allegedly dropping chemical dye into several area pools using a drone. Residents and business owners in the area became concerned when they saw drones hovering over their properties, releasing a substance that turned pool water a shocking shade of green. One of the victims was the Quality Inn in Galloway Township, and the pool's concrete sustained significant damage. It’s estimated that it could cost tens of thousands of dollars due to pool draining, cleaning, refilling, and lost revenue from cancellations. The manager says that it’s happened a dozen times throughout the summer. Authorities were able to trace the drone back to Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, leading to Patrick Spina IV's arrest. Even though investigators think it may have been a prank, the use of Sea Dye, intended for ocean marking, caused significant disruption and damage to the pools. The Absecon Police Department charged him with multiple counts of criminal mischief.   [select-gallery gallery_id="839423" syndication_name="the-hottest-celebrity-beards" description="yes"]  

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