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Christopher Robin

Be sure to listen to Joel & Maryann in the morning from 6-9 AM for your special opportunity to win a family 4-pack of passes to a pre-screening of Walt Disney Studios' "Christopher Robin" at the AMC Garden State Theatre in Paramus on Tuesday, July 31st at 7 PM before it hits theaters on August 3rd!

Maryann Gives Mike McGinn Tips For A Happy Marriage

Mike is getting married this weekend and everyone around here is super excited for him.  We also want him to have a happy life with his soon to be wife.  The on air staff gathered together and decided we should give him advice since we are all in happy marriages. Cande Roth and I had…

Joel's Marriage Tips For Mike and His Fiance

With Mike McGinn’s wedding quickly approaching, we were all asked to share some marriage advice. With my wife and I having gone on our first date with each other at age 9, and over 40 years later are unbelievably happily married, here are my top 10 marriage tips: Always, always be honest...especially when you’re lying…