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The Prettiest Towns in New Jersey Recommended for a Day Trip or Weekend Getaway

New Jersey is home to some beautiful sites and picturesque locations. Those of us who live here may not really appreciate all the beautiful places and towns located in the Garden State. We have the 11th highest population out of all the states in the country. The reason for this may be that we have some of the most pleasing and gorgeous locales as well. From the Jersey Shore to the Pine Barrens there are many lovely places to visit and enjoy with friends and family. is very aware of this fact, and has ranked the prettiest towns in New Jersey. According to the website, there are eleven spots that everyone should be aware of. Cape May I have spent some very good times at the bottom of the state in this beautiful town. I attended several weddings and weekend getaways in Cape May. WorldAtlas shares that the town has, “more than 600 well-maintained Late Victorian-style buildings spread over an area of 380 acres.” Frenchtown If you haven’t gone shopping here, you should definitely make plans to do so. My wife and I have spent many enjoyable afternoons here. It’s got “several magnificent colonial structures, including the Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge, Frenchtown Inn, Frenchtown Station for the Belvidere Delaware Railroad, Nathaniel Shurtz House, and Oddfellows Building.” Clinton Clinton is a very quaint town with tons of restaurants and shopping galore. If you’re looking for a great place to eat there, I recommend The Clinton House on Main Street. It’s an upscale eatery, and we had one of the most enjoyable dinners a couple of summers ago. They also have unique shops with finds you won’t see in stores elsewhere.  “This alluring hamlet is best known for its two historic mills on the opposite shores of the South Branch Raritan River.” For the complete list check out the full story at   [select-listicle listicle_id="844123" syndication_name="best-haunted-houses-in-america" description="yes"]

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