Joel Katz

Happy Bagel Day (1/15/19)!!! Carbo-licious!!!

Who doesn't love a good bagel? Everyone has a favorite. Mine is blueberry, which is the 4th most popular, but I enjoy the occasional Egg or Tide Pod bagel. The most popular is the exciting Plain Bagel, followed by Everything, and Cinnamon Raisin. Here's a fun fact: National Bagel Day used to be on February 9th which…

Joel: Then and Now

You're probably aware of the "aging challenge" going around on Facebook right now. You're supposed to post your very first profile picture in 2009 and your current profile photo. Here's mine:   The first photo was actually taken in 2004 (before the surgery), but you do have to admit I look much prettier now with the…

Your Beanie Babies Could Be Worth Thousands

If you missed Joel and I talking about our Beanie Baby mishap that could have cost us thousands, you need to check out this article before you destroy your Beanie Baby. If You Somehow Still Have These Beanie Babies, You Could Strike It Rich Keep your Beanie Babies Healthy - Maryann