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Man Holds Back Sneeze, Rips Hole in Throat

Have you ever found yourself desperately trying to stifle a sneeze in a situation where letting it out would be less than ideal? Perhaps you were in a quiet meeting, a library, or even behind the wheel of a car.  A recent incident reported by The Daily Record highlights the potential risks associated with suppressing a sneeze. In a bizarre event, a man in his 30s ended up in the hospital after attempting to hold back a sneeze while driving. The excruciating pain he experienced led him to seek medical attention.  Upon examination, doctors noted a cracking sound in the man's neck.  He had difficulty controlling movement in that area. CT scans revealed a tiny tear in his windpipe. The cause? A rapid build-up of pressure in the trachea resulting from holding his nose and closing his mouth during the attempted sneeze suppression. The incident serves as a reminder that our bodies are designed to expel irritants forcefully through sneezing. Interfering with this natural process can have unforeseen consequences. In this case, the consequences were a tear in the windpipe, excruciating pain, and a hospital stay. After two days of observation, the man was released from the hospital with pain medication and hay-fever remedies. It's a warning for those who might consider stifling a sneeze in the future, especially in situations where the consequences could be more severe than a disrupted moment. Fortunately, the man's follow-up visit three weeks later revealed a positive outcome. The tear in his windpipe had completely healed, signaling the body's remarkable ability to recover from such injuries. Nonetheless, remember the importance of letting nature take its course by allowing our bodies to function as they were designed.  So, the next time you feel a sneeze coming on, consider letting it out. It might just be the healthier choice in the long run. [select-listicle listicle_id="841064" syndication_name="ranking-the-best-jeep-wrangler-colors" description="yes"]

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