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Joel And Maryann In The Morning

Weekdays 6am - 10am


Joel and Maryann have known each other for 5 minutes and now they’ll be sharing a small room every day for 4 hours. Sounds like a reality show…”Joel and Maryann in the Morning” on Magic 98.3

Combined they’ve got enough energy to power the space shuttle; or at least enough to get you going each weekday morning. This could be the best show ever. It’s not…but it could be!

Join them for the Impossible Question at 6:45, Entertainment Updates at 6:10 and 8:10 and everything in between. Plus Racquel Williams with News and Cande Roth with Traffic reports.

Weekday mornings from 6-10 it’s ” Joel and Maryann in the Morning” on Magic 98.3