Ring, home security system for sale, Costco store, Queens, New York. (Photo by: Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

I have friends who continuously look at their phones while we are out to dinner because they are checking in on their kids  by watching the various cameras they set up in different rooms of their house. It also allows them to know if the kids are going out, and more importantly, what time the kids are getting home.  I have another friend that is a manager of a restaurant and he checks the cameras he set up at work to make sure his employees are doing what they are hired to do when he is not around.  When our dog had puppies, my husband and I would constantly check the cameras from our workplace to make sure the puppies were okay.

Now it appears that a new camera device will allow you to do more than view fixed cameras in throughout the house. Most people are familiar with Ring, the company that makes doorbell cams and other security features that let you keep tabs on what’s going on outside your home, even if you’re not there. But what about inside your home when you’re not there? That’s where Ring’s forthcoming Always Home Cam will come in. The device is a T-shaped, autonomous drone that can take off, float around your home and let you check out what’s going on in every room in 1440×1440 HD video, thanks to its integrated camera and your Ring app.

The drone will allow you to fly over to the stove to make sure you turned it off before you panic about having to leave work and check it yourself. According to the company, if your Ring Alarm is triggered, the Always Home Cam will fly over to let you see what’s going on, with a powerful LED light to guide the way in the dark.

I can easily get addicted to checking on my house even while I’m at work.  That could be as addictive as watching TikTok videos!  The device is listed as coming soon.

Maryann Morgan

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