Rep. Gottheimer Fights Against Removal of AM Radio in Electric Cars

AM radio has recently come under attack from some electric car manufacturers who are looking to remove it from their automobiles. United States Congressman Josh Gottheimer serves the 5th District here in New Jersey.  The district is comprised of parts of Bergen, Passaic, and Sussex Counties. Congressman Gottheimer recently announced new action to protect AM radio in electric vehicles and ensure potential buyers know which cars and trucks have AM radio and those that don’t.  Most importantly, AM radio is a vital public safety and emergency management tool that has served as the sole lifeline during times of crisis like 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and other major storms and floods. Car manufacturers, like Elon Musk’s Tesla, have said they will cut AM radio from their new production vehicles — threatening the 47 million Americans who listen to AM radio, who represent around 20% of the radio-listening public, and potentially putting public safety and national emergency management at a risk. Full Interview Here: Congressman Gottheimer is leading the bipartisan, bicameral law, AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. Moreover, this bill will require auto manufacturers to keep AM in vehicles, without charging customers extra for it. Congressman Gottheimer announced that this act is one of the most widely supported bills in this Congress, with 200 bipartisan cosponsors in the House and 40 in the Senate -- to include Bernie Sanders (D) and Ted Cruz (R) It also has the support of dozens of organizations from across the country, including the National Association of Broadcasters, AARP, the National Emergency Management Association, the National Association of Farm Broadcasting, and many more. It appears that the United Nations has also gotten involved. Last week, UNESCO took a strong position on the continuing need to protect both AM and FM in cars. For more information on Congressman Gottheimer’s efforts, residents are encouraged to go to Jersey Magazine With Jim Monaghan

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