XI AN, CHINA - JANUARY 19: Vehicles run past illuminated dragon lanterns next to the ancient city wall during a lantern show ahead of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit, on January 19, 2023 in Xi an, Shaanxi Province of China. (Photo by Zeng Wenping/VCG via Getty Images)

Just because something is popular in another country does not necessarily mean we should do it in the US. There are treats apparently common in Indonesian street food where liquid nitrogen is put on these treats to make you appear to be a dragon with smoke coming out of anything on you that has a hole, like an ear or nostrils, etc. Well this cool treat has now turned into a trend that started in 2017 and for whatever reason, has resurfaced!  KION says health officials are warning people about a new Tik Tok trend called Dragon’s Breath. Children and teens are dipping candy in liquid nitrogen before eating it. This allows them to blow ‘smoke’ out of their mouths, noses and ears. Twenty five children worldwide have burned their skin and stomach as a result of the trend.

The FDA says, “Injuries have occurred from handling or eating products prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before consumption, even after the liquid nitrogen has fully evaporated due to the extremely low temperature of the food.”

I was reading how freezing agents consumed on the food immediately after it was prepared with the substances can leave the products at a very low temperature, posing a significant risk of injury and burns.  Almost does not make sense that something cold can burn, but it certainly does.  So be smart and skip this trend!

Maryann Morgan

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