(KG) CDxxPAGANS -- The Witches Brew Coffee shop is located at 4900 W. 46th Avenue in Denver across the street from Berkeley Park. One of the items for sale in the shop is a mouse pad with the motto "LIfe's a Witch & Then You Fly." Karl Gehring/The Denver Post (Photo By Karl Gehring/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

For me whether it was watching Bewitched on tv when I was growing up, or watching I Dream of Jeannie, I always wished I could get some sort of superpowers or cast a spell and get whatever I wanted in life.  There are certain movies that also express spells, potions and magic that had me believe that maybe this stuff is real such as: Hocus Pocus, Enchanted, The Munsters, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, and  Maleficent  just to name a few.  

There seems to be a woman in real life who believes in magic swears it really works! Would you ever try a love spell to win over the love of your life?  According to the Daily Mail a Cambridge, England woman cast a love spell and then found her dream date on a dating app. Claire Smith bought a book of spells, candles, crystals and other elements before she and her friends cast four spells. Claire was thinking about the letter J before she matched with a man named John.

She says, ”It was like a scene from the movies. The kind of experience that I thought only happened in Nora Ephron films. I was 49 and he was 48 yet we were like a pair of giggling, lovestruck teenagers. I knew that I had found the person I had been waiting for. John thinks it’s hocus pocus, but I say, “I put a spell on you and now you’re mine”’.

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