09 January 2023, Hamburg: Employees of Hamburg's municipal cleaning service collect discarded Christmas trees from the roadside. Photo: Markus Scholz/dpa (Photo by Markus Scholz/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The Daily Mail says people are being encouraged to keep their Christmas trees up until February 2nd.  I totally agree with this study because somehow as soon as I plug in the lights on my tree, my mood changes and I become completely relaxed and happy!  I leave my tree up until the pine needles dropping on the floor becomes to big of a nuisance.  People who visit me usually say” You still have your Christmas tree up”? That’s because I try to keep the tree up far into the season. Now that I realize how good it is for your mental health, I want everyone to keep spreading the holiday cheer.

English Heritage Properties says keeping the tree up brings cheer during the gloomy dead of Winter. The company’s historian, Dr. Michael Carter, says, ”In the Middle Ages, houses would be decorated with greenery for the Christmas season on Christmas Eve day. The feast of Christmas started at around 4pm on Christmas Eve afternoon and continued until the Epiphany on January 6. But contrary to popular belief, the Christmas season actually continues right through to Candlemas on February 2, so there’s no real reason why you should take your decorations down earlier.”

Maryann Morgan

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