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An Alternative to Toilet Paper to Leave Your Booty Minty Fresh

I am definitely into the eco-friendly thing and anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely into saving money.  I also like using natural products so I am super excited to find that we can grow a plant in our backyard which morphs into toilet paper! The leaves on this plant are said to be pipe friendly, which means that we do not have to worry about calling in a plumber after wiping ourselves! I am not sure if we can convince our house guests to pick some  leaves off our plant before using our toilet, but hey it is worth a try. The Daily Mirror says Robin Greenfield, of Asheville, North Carolina, hasn't used toilet paper since 2013. He uses blue spur flower leaves because they are eco-friendly and the same size as a square of toilet paper. Robin says, "The average American spends $11,198 on toilet paper over the course of their life, so there is a huge financial benefit too. The leaves are super soft, can withstand pressure and won't break through - plus they have a natural, minty scent. The plant is easy to grow, and fundamentally won't do any damage to the environment!" Maryann Morgan Listen to Joel Katz and Maryann Morgan every weekday morning from 6:00 to 10:00 AM for everything you need to get you workday moving in the right direction.  Joel and Maryann keep you informed with news updates at the top of every hour, traffic and weather three times an hour, and Entertainment Updates at 6:10 AM and 8:10 AM. Check out “What’s Trending” at 7:10 AM and “What Are You Talking About” at 9:10 AM.

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