4 Fun Places in Jersey to Celebrate Star Wars Day With Your Family & Friends

Star Wars Day is almost upon us and New Jersey is readying itself for the celebration! The Garden State can be a big place if you aren't sure where to go, so to make it a little easier we have cultivated a short list of spots celebrating George Lucas' greatest achievement in fun and unique ways. A Quick History on Star Wars Day If it was not obvious already, the date originated from the pun "May The Fourth Be With You", from the popular catchphrase of the Science Fiction Franchine, "May The Force Be With You". The holiday was not actually created by Lucasfilm, but rather, this became a rallying call for fans of the movies. Many fans choose to celebrate the day, and it has since been embraced by LucasFilm and Disney, with both companies often promoting events and deals of their own. Where to Celebrate The Garden State is never afraid of a celebration and Star Wars Day is no different. This is a day to let your fandom fly proudly with others. Whether you walk on the side of light with the Jedi, the dark side with the Sith, or are a humble Wookie, there are many ways to celebrate. Now on to the list...

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