At the Seattle Artificial Kidney Center at Swedish Hospital, a technician prepares a hemodialysis machine, Seattle, Washington, 1962. The Center was the world's first outpatient dialysis facility. (Photo by Lawrence Schiller/Polaris Communications/Getty Images)

When they say anything can happen in Jersey, they are certainly right! There are a lot of very kind, caring people in this state.  People here will do anything to help someone if they really feel it’s a life and death situation for the other person.  For example,  I was driving on the Garden State Parkway one day when a car overturned near an underpass.  Right before my eyes, people were just stopping their vehicles in their lanes and getting out of their cars to run over to help.  Males, females, young and old were rushing to help.  I thought,  wow there are a lot of really caring people here!

You know how you always want to be at the right place at the right time, well the timing for this Uber ride could not be anything less than a miracle ride.  Christiana Hospital sent an Uber to pick up Bill Sumiel for a treatment at their dialysis center. When Uber driver Tim Letts arrived, rider Bill Sumiel and Tim struck up a conversation and instantly became friends.  Bill Sumiel, who lives in Salem, New Jersey was telling Tim about his dilemma of needing treatments because Sumiel said he had been on the kidney transplant list for 3 ½ years with no luck. According to ABC, Tim told Bill that “I think God must have put you in my car.”   Tim had offered Bill his kidney!  Bill says, “He says, ‘If you’ll take my name and number, I’ll give a kidney to you. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t even write down his name and number. I know miracles have happened in the past. Maybe they never happened to me, maybe they have. But now I really have those beliefs reinforced.”

The match was successful and the operation at Christiana Hospital was a success. I have a feeling the two of these men will become good friends for life!

Maryann Morgan

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