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Hey New Jersey, do you find yourself resting a bit better compared to other states? Well, if you are don’t worry it’s not just you because New Jersey was ranked as one of the top ten states that get the best sleep. 

The team over at Aeris conducted a survey back in May about sleep habits across America. With over 3400 participants across 47 states, their goal was to gauge the quality of sleep members from each state were getting. The researchers also took into account certain factors such as time spent asleep, air quality, and other common sleeping habits to determine which states were in fact sleeping better overall.  

The results were shocking as Aeris researchers determined that New Jersey was ranked third for states that got the best sleep with our sleep score being 3.51 out of 5. This is above the national average which was 3.30 out of 5. The two states that were above us in this survey were Iowa and Virginia. However, what about hours slept? Which is a major factor to consider in terms of quality of sleep, well New Jerseyans rejoice as we were above the national average on that as well coming in at 7.18 hours of sleep. However, as stated in the survey, it is still under the recommended eight hours of sleep. The survey also covered matters such as how long it takes the average American to fall asleep but also habits you may or may not have while sleeping. 

With sleep being one of the core aspects of maintaining your mental and physical health it’s fascinating to see the data and where we hold up compared to our neighboring states. With all the summer fun kicking off in New Jersey though we may have to settle for five or even six hours of sleep. Sadly, the survey did not include what percentage of cats wake up their owners but I know the number would be high. Keep up with all the latest surveys and stories to keep you up at night right here at Magic 98.3 

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