MILAN, ITALY - MAY 04: A cat on a sofa on May 04, 2020 in Milan, Italy. After getting used to spending 24 hours a day with their owners during the Covid-19 pandemic, pets could suffer from separation anxiety when people return to everyday life. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Cats are often our best friends when we need them, but they can also give us a cold shoulder from time to time. So that begs the question are our words of love and affection actually reaching our feline friends? Well just like with dogs you’d be surprised how much a cat is able understand and separate. 


Many studies have been done in the name of pet research to truly figure out how much a pet can understand and bond with their owners. With new technology even being made to allow a pet to talk back to you, through a series of buttons. Sometimes you can credit it to basic pattern recognition, but other times it’s your cat wanting you to hold them or do something for them.

So a study that was posted in the Animal Cognition Journal, aimed to find out just how well cats react to their owner’s voice, versus that of a stranger. This was done through speakers that played different voice lines and as it turns not. Not only are cats able to pick up which voice was their owners, but a majority of the cats increased their activity when hearing their owners voice. Also tested was if the tone in which the person speaking would negatively or positively affect the cat’s behavior. 


The results for this second test, showed that cats were able to differentiate pitch as well. When speaking in a higher cat like pitch. The cats reacted in a positive manner by moving around, turning their ears towards speakers. Compared to the second set of sound bites that had someone speaking to another person. The cats mostly ignored the voice.  

So, the next time you think your cat might not be listening they most certainly are. They might just be willingly ignoring it. Of course all cats are different, but it certainly goes to show that cats are a lot similar to dogs and humans than some give them credit for. To see the full study used to determine the bind between cats and humans Click Here. Otherwise sign up up for our newsletter so you never miss a PAWsome moment at Magic.

Another Painting Struck By Food, Twitter Goes Ballistic.

Here we are again…. How are we here again?! Well now Germany was the stage of the latest performance as a second popular and expensive painting was vandalized by climate change activities this time though they broke out the Thanksgiving Dinner a bit early by throwing canned Mashed Potato’s at the Grainstacks painting created by Claude Monet and is worth over $100 million dollars.

Like the pervious stunt, the activities glued themselves to the wall and preached about change. However Twitter was ready with memes and reactions calling out that this is not the way to make change. Despite that the stunt is generating massive media attention around the world and at time of writing is trending. Here are just some of the reactions.

  • Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

    Despite the idea of throwing food on famous paintings being ridiculous. Some are admitting it is a clever way to raise awareness, though it is still incredibly stupid that this is how we are going about raising awareness. I truly thought that the first stunt in England would be it, but now I hope this does not become a full blown trend.

  • I wouldn't Feed My Dog Those Potato's.

    You’ll notice a trend of people making fun of the mashed potato’s and they should. Those are some of the most watered down potato’s I’ve had the displeasure of witnessing. If I didn’t know I would have assumed they threw cake batter at it.

  • Next Week We Hit Them With The Canned Tuna

    I swear if next week we hear about activities throwing more food at paintings, it better either be tuna or I will accept canned carrots. As for the artist I think Da Vinci has had it good for too long. But in all serious please, stop it and get some help cause this isn’t it and don’t actually throw food at paintings or at anything in general unless it’s your own mouth then go nuts.

  • Please Step Away From The Art.

    I swear if I ever go to an art museum and I see some clown with utensils waiting for someone to throw food at a painting. I’ll cry, because then there really is no hope. Though as long as they have the proper soup fork I guess it’s alright.

  • He's Got A Point.

    To the any publicity is good publicity so what’s to lose? I mean seriously if you think about it what they are doing will stupid is effective in theory. I just wonder how far this type of activism will really go as far as making actual change?

  • Put Down The Can!

    I remember seeing sighs on art displays that say Do Not Touch. We’re gonna have to change that to Do Not Throw Food.

  • It's All A Conspiracy Man!

    This post has no relation to the event, but it was just national potato day! Coincidence?! I think not, quick someone look at the food holidays for next week! After a quick google search I think we are mostly in the clear… But national calzone day is on November 1st. Though if someone sneaks in a whole calzone honestly I wouldn’t mess with them.

  • Did You Say Dripping Potato's!?

    I wish I could just be in the crowed to see this happen. I would be losing my mind! I mean you take your family friends or yourself out to an art museum. It’s supposed to be a cool and great experience. Then wham… Potato strikes.

  • 0/10

    I wanna see Gordon Ramsey react to the food being thrown. I wounder if he would call them an idiot sandwich? Or would just say that the potato’s are raw!

  • Da Vinchi's Next.

    It may not be the Mona Lisa, but I somehow I feel Da Vinchi will get wrapped up in this whole mess. And that is one Ninja Turtle I wouldn’t want to cross.

  • You Know It's Bad When Mayor McCheese Steps In.

    For someone with a Mayor McCheese photo as their profile picture, I have to agree why are we hating on Potato’s? They are one of my favorite side dishes to have and I will not stand for them to be treated like this.

  • I'm More Of A Red Sauce Kind Of Activist.

    This isn’t some kind of twisted choose your own adventure book…. But if it was I would be a red sauce stand all the way. In all seriousness please do not imitate this and please don’t waste food either. I find all this really funny, but really sad. But what do you think? Is it only a matter of time before we see the next painting being struck with another can of food?