LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 22: A realtor's 'for sale' sign is displayed outside a single family home on September 22, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. The U.S. housing market is seeing a slow down in home sales due to the Federal Reserve raising mortgage interest rates to help fight inflation. (Photo by Allison Dinner/Getty Images)

There have been multiple shows over the past few decades that have gained a cult following. Fans needing to know every aspect both on scene and in real life. For instance, the homes or shops that these shows are filmed in. And one of the most popular television homes is as you may have guessed right here in New Jersey. 

Well Brentwood Los Angeles realtors wanted to know which iconic T.V home was the most searched so they looked at the data on the monthly volume of searches for the homes belonging to the most popular television series to find which home is sought after the most. To nobody’s surprise Friends which takes place in a New York apartment was the most searched T.V. home worldwide. The iconic apartment is located in Greenwich Village which is in downtown Manhattan. However, it receives an average of 41,000 monthly searches. An honorable mention is the apartment of character Monica which also receives about 2,300 monthly searches giving the classic 90’s shows a total of 43,000 per month. 

Now what about New Jersey, well of course the show in question has to be The Sopranos coming in at a total ranking of 5th for the most popular home as Tony’s residence in North Caldwell has an average of 7,000 monthly searches. A little behind the scenes knowledge is that the home is still occupied by the same residents who have lived there for over 32 years! Sharing the home that housed the infamous T.V. mobster must be a great conversation starter when bringing guests over. Ah yes here’s the kitchen and here where this character died. While it would be cool to live in a house from a popular television series, I can imagine the struggles and burdens it comes with as well.  

It’s still amazing to know that despite the Sopranos being over for nearly fifteen years it is still a staple in New Jersey and the world as it shows us a look into the time period and some of that Jersey fashion that’s been lost to time. 

Jake Paul Is Now 6-0, But Twitter Remains Unimpressed

Jake Paul proved the internet wrong once again late last month as he faced off against Anderson Silva in what some would say was Jake Paul’s toughest fight to date. However, through luck and skill, Jake was able to pull a unanimous decision victory. Continuing his win streak at a total of six with only four being KO’s. While Silva tried his best Jake was able to land more devastating strikes and perform more during rounds, even knocking Silva down for a brief moment.

However, directly after the announcement of Paul’s victory the internet as it always does was quick to make jokes about Jake’s choice of opponents. Silva is 22 years older than the young celebrity boxer there are some obvious advantages/disadvantages that each fighter had. Though to Twitter, it didn’t matter as they roasted Jake Paul like all his other fights.

  • We Waited For This?

    Don’t get me wrong the fight was a good one. I feel both fighters were really pushed and the action was pretty consistent. However, there is an obvious age gap and Silva’s prime has come and gone. But he is still a skilled fighter with a plethora of experience so, while this may not be the challenger people wanted, this was one of if not Jake Paul’s toughest fights to date.

  • Rig It Like Christmas Lights.

    Some are pointing out clips where it appears Anderson may have taken a dive. Suggesting that the whole fight is rigged. I doubt it. Anderson is a professional even with nothing really at stake he put his all into the fight. I’ve never been in the ring before nor do I intend to unless we set up a Fox Sports New Jersey boxing match. But if I see a fly close to me I might fall back, so for a fist, I would for sure fall even by mistake no matter how hard or light the jab is.

  • In His Defense... He Did Try.

    So in no way do I really care for Jake Paul, but he did have two fights get canceled for one reason or another. One with Tommy Fury and the other with Hasim Rahman jr. So he had to fight someone, while I do think his next fight needs to be with someone who is a professional boxer and two closer to his age. This wasn’t as bad as his earlier fights.

  • Oh Lord Have Mercy.

    Oh no, why’d we had to bring Wii boxing into this mess? If that were the case Silva would have won, because everybody knows that Matt from the Wii is the GOAT no matter what sport he is in. Though this is pretty funny and I respect the effort.

  • Bringing Attention To Boxing

    No matter what your opinion on Jake Paul is, he is bringing a lot of attention to Boxing more than any other content creator ever has. More importantly, he is winning and the more he wins the more people want to see him lose. With his supposed plans to create an organization to stand up for fighter’s rights, he will continue to bring attention to boxing and fighting overall.

  • He Has Actual Skill.

    That is the thing that some don’t realize, many think that Jake Paul can’t fight, because he hasn’t fought a boxer close to his age. But what they willfully neglect is that Jake has money and is training with some of the best fighting coaches around. So he has skill and power behind his punches, so if it came to it that a fight between him and what the internet would consider a “pro” I don’t think it would be the blowout some think it would be.

  • There's Some Truth To That.

    I will say, Jake was pushed about the same if not more than he was during the Tyrone Woodley fight, however, what I hated was the amount of holding I saw. Though maybe that’s just my lack of knowledge of the sport, there were multiple times when the action was halted by Jake or Silva holding each other.

  • Nate Diaz Vs Jake Paul?

    This isn’t the first time Diaz has expressed his disdain for Jake Paul, even showing up to cause trouble at a few of his previous matches. This one was no acceptance as there was an altercation backstage with Diaz and a part of Paul’s crew. Paul would fight Diaz if it weren’t for the fact that Nate is under contract with the UFC. With Dana White also being an enemy of Paul it’s possible we could see Diaz vs Paul in the future.