As you’ve probably heard, I am Magic 98.3’s resident “Crazy Cat Lady!” It’s actually something I’m super proud of.  I believe animals enrich our lives, and when you adopt or even foster, you make such a difference in the life of an animal.   So, for this Giving Tuesday, I’d like to share with you two of my favorite rescues in New Jersey, and one from my home away from home in CA!  Even if you can only spare $5, please consider giving to one, or all of them.   I am donating to all 3 today, and I hope you’ll consider making a donation as well.

I have to begin with Karma Cat + Zen Dog Rescue Society in Milltown.   We’ve been teamed up with them for our Kitty Corner & Kennel Club, and it’s a partnership I absolutely love.  They are local to the community, and have really helped to enrich the lives of animals.   All of their volunteers work tirelessly to spread the word about adoptions and fostering.   They do shelter pulls, bring those animals to the rescue center, find them homes, and start the cycle all over again.   If you want to donate, even a small amount, it would be really appreciated!

Another Jersey rescue I love is Whiskers Rescue.   My good friend, Eileen, does a lot of TNR work (Trap, Neuter, Return) and Whiskers has been able to take some of the friendly ferals, find them a foster home, and eventually, get them adopted.   They rely on donations for medical treatments, and I’ve seen many of the cats they’ve helped flourish in their care, and in their new homes.   If you believe in TNR, and want to help, here’s the link:

Milo’s Sanctuary is one special place in California!   Michele Hoffman is the president and founder, and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her, and visiting Milo’s when in Los Angeles.   The cat that got my attention and made me aware of Milo’s was Sir Thomas Trueheart!  He was a beautiful boy who endured some cruelty until Michele and her team rescued him and gave him a loving home.   I got to meet Tommy last year at the Catsbury Park Convention, and also got to meet Michele and Connie Cunningham, too.   I’ve watched them grow from the rescue facility in Palmdale, CA to being able to honor Tommy’s memory and build a new facility called “TrueHeart Haven.”  I can’t think of a better way to honor Tommy’s memory, and if you would like to help them, here’s the link.   They’re my west coast place that I love to visit when I go!–memorials.html