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Well, color me happy!   I got to talk with all 4 members of Disciples of Babylon today!   Eric, Gui, Ramon and Chris were kind enough to coordinate a call to talk about their latest video for the song “Without You” and the plans to involve their fans for the upcoming video release of “We Are The Ones!”

They’re the band that helped me launch “On The Verge” and I think they’re amazingly talented, so any opportunity to showcase them and spread the word about the music, I’m in!

Listen to the interview and watch the video for “Without You!”

Hey, it’s Debbie–my good friends and great musicians in Disciples of Babylon are coming up on the year anniversary of their 2nd CD, “The Rise And Fall Of Babylon” and released a video today for their latest song, “Without You!”    It’s a great performance video, and I wanted to share it with you.   These guys are so good, and I know you’ll love them (if you don’t already!)   This is what “On The Verge” is all about; spreading the word about talented artists and bands, and sharing the music with you!


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