Back in 1985, I was left at a U2 show…yup…dumped.   Even had to sell the shirt I bought to get some money to get home!

The show was at MSG–it was “The Unforgettable Fire” tour.  The guy I was dating was not only dating me, but someone else (at the same time).  He drove me to the show, watched me buy the shirt, sat through the opening act with me, and said he was going to get a drink.  He never came back to the seats (he went and sat with his other girlfriend, and was watching me look around!)

So, I watched the show, and proceeded to sell my shirt on the street for $10 bucks so I had money to get  home.

ELISE and me!

You would think after all that, I wouldn’t want to see U2 ever again!

There is nothing further from the truth though; every time they’ve toured, I’ve been there.

Last night was simply amazing.  The stage set up, the crowd, the weather, even the people who work at Met Life…everything was perfect.

The video screen was incredible–it took the show to a whole new level, and the sound was perfect.


Amazing to watch 4 talented musicians all these later enjoying their time on stage, engaging the audience, and making great music.


The “Joshua Tree” came out 30 years ago, but it still resonates today.   Listening to them perform it from start to finish made me realize what an impact that album had on all of us.

All I can say is music rules!

Oh, and the ex now works for the Atlanta Braves organization, so I’m glad I’m not with him, as we would NEVER agree on baseball teams!!