NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES - JUNE 27: Passengers wait at the Newark Liberty International Airport as more than 2000 flights were canceled due to the nationwide storm in New Jersey, United States on June 27, 2023. (Photo by Fatih Aktas/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Airports and airplanes, while taking us to incredible and mesmerizing places, can sometimes stir up a whole batch of travel ‘icks’ that can leave even the most seasoned globetrotter cringing with embarrassment and scratching their head. From rushing to being the first in the queue at boarding to taking your shoes off on the plane.

However, travel experts at SkyParkSecure wanted to question whether these most popular travel ‘icks’ are actually as icky as we think and have paired up with leading etiquette expert Jo Bryant for her opinion on some of the biggest traveling turn-offs.

1. Seat Swap S.O.S.

Didn’t want to pay for a specific seat and randomly got allocated the dreaded middle seat? Many of us cringe when we see someone begging to swap seats with a random stranger before take off – but others may argue that the aforementioned stranger could also be in the same position and this way both parties can get what they want.

On the best way to tackle the situation – and if you should attempt to change seats at all, Jo explains “Simply not liking where you are sitting isn’t a good enough reason to move – you need to validate your request. For example, if there is a spare bulkhead seat and you are very tall, you could point this out. If it isn’t possible to swap or move, don’t get angry or rude; simply accept it’s a no-go with a smile and good grace”

2. Shoes On or Shoes Off?

Nobody likes to see bare, sweaty feet – but that doesn’t stop some people! Jo explains that keeping your shoes on is better manners, but it is also seen as acceptable to take them off for longer flights – there are a few things to ensure beforehand though; “Be sure that your feet are suitable for public viewing (or in socks) and are completely odor free. Keep them to yourself: never put them on the seat or, worst of all, rest them on the armrest of the seat in front.”

3. To Clap or Not to Clap

It turns out that clapping on a plane is actually one of the biggest travel ‘icks’ for a reason – because it’s rude to the pilots! Jo explains Applause is not necessary after a landing and is rude to the pilots. If the landing is good, clapping suggests surprise at such skill; if the landing is bad, applause would be insultingly sarcastic.”

4. Aroma Adventures:

We’re all entitled to have our own food preferences – but there’s nothing worse than being on a plane when the person next to you pulls out a tuna sandwich. Jo weighs in on whether being annoyed by this is just being picky – or if it is actually bad manners.

“The confines of the cabin, combined with limited airflow, make smelly food a definite no. If the meals served by the airline are particularly strong smelling, then that is out of passengers’ control, but bringing stinky sandwiches or fast food onboard is inconsiderate and selfish”.

5. Security Smooth Moves

Going through security is unarguably one of the most stressful parts of going on a flight – and it’s never helped by the person in front of you who seems the have missed every single sign outlining the very clear rules around liquids, what can stay in your bag, and what needs to be taken out.

Jo explains it’s simply good manners to ensure you’re organized as you’re about to go through security “Know where your electronics are, have your liquids bagged and ready, and clear your pockets in advance. Don’t hold everyone up by rummaging through your bag hunting for your tablet or setting off the detectors with your belt. The rules are clear so plan ahead and stick to them”.

6. Boarding Buddy Blues

Some of us might find ourselves running across the airport as soon as our gate is announced to make sure we’re at the front of the line, while others watch from a distance thinking ‘well we’re all going to get one regardless, what’s the point of rushing’ – Jo explains that for this ‘ick’ in particular, it does just come down to personal preference.

“Some people like to be in the queue promptly before the gate opens, whereas others like to board the plane later on. It’s really a matter of personal preference but, either way, queue in an orderly fashion, respect other people’s personal space, and when it comes to flying, holding up the whole plane by boarding last is never going to cut it as being ‘fashionably late’. “

7. Cheers or No Cheers?

The airport bar can be tempting, and having a few drinks before take-off is commonly seen as part of the traveling experience – but it’s never fun when a passenger on a plane has clearly had a few too many.

Jo suggests sipping smartly “A glass or two in departures is fine, but attempting to board if you are worse-for-wear is disrespectful to other passengers and the crew. You risk feeling ill on the flight, being unsteady as you move along the cabin, irritating to fellow passengers or, worse of all, even being denied boarding”

10 Must Have Items Every Frequent Traveler Needs to Make Life Easier

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Are you a frequent flier? Or maybe just a frequent traveler? Even if you’re not on a flight every month, traveling essentials are a great need for everyone! I love to travel any and everywhere, but I love keeping my things organized more. Otherwise, I definitely feel overwhelmed. From cords to toiletries to clothing and everything in between, my travel essentials make every flight or road trip better. Whether you’re going on summer vacation, a winter trip, or just wanted to be prepared for when the time comes – these are items every traveler needs! Now listen, everything on this list is something that I 100% vouch for and use, so trust me when I say it’s a must have!

Traveling can be stressful. From packing to getting to your destination (read: airport) on time to wrangling up any kiddos, it can be alot. Even if you’re not flying a long car ride still means you need to have a packing game plan. And as someone who loves a good adventure, I know that when the suitcase starts to get too cluttered the stress levels increase. That’s why things like packing cubes and other travel goodies are important. With all the buzz around travel on TikTok too, you might even see a few items from there.

Whether your next trip is in a month or next year, make sure you’re stocking up on the things that can help you. So, here is my list of 10 items every traveler needs to make their life easier. And trust me, I know you’re going to love them like I do.

  • Travel Jewelry Organizer

    If you love to wear your jewelry and want to be sure to have enough during a trip, then this is for you. I got my jewelry organizer last year and it was a game-changer! No more limiting what jewelry you bring, you can organize it in this and keep everything safe from being tangled or damaged.  

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  • Refillable Perfume/Cologne Holders

    Whether it’s the fact your original bottle is too big and not TSA approved or you just simply don’t want to carry the entire thing, then this is for you. I LOVE perfumes but sometimes risking losing or breaking a great bottle can be a lot. So, these refillable bottles make traveling easier because it’s small enough to be in a carry-on and you won’t have to worry about losing or damaging an entire bottle. 

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  • Packing Cubes

    Now, I used to be very skeptical about these because I like to pack a LOT of clothes. But, packing cubes really are worth every penny! You can fit so many clothes, shoes, and items in your suitcase in such an organized way to have ample space. It makes packing so much easier when it’s in there neatly and you still have space for anything extra you may want to add at the last minute. If you haven’t gotten a set already, you need to ASAP. 

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  • Travel Cable Organizers

    As someone who has tons of cables, this was a must. I have a phone charger, laptop charger, iPad charger, camera charger, portable charger plug, and probably more somewhere. So, this waterproof cable organizer makes everything so much easier. You don’t have to worry about looking everywhere for charger pieces and wondering if you forgot something, it will all be right here in the organizer.

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  • Toiletry Bag

    Now, everyone typically has the thing they keep their toiletries in but this is different. It’s not a regular toiletry bag. This one, you can have all of your items (full-sized bottles if needed) in this compartment and then have it hanging somewhere in the hotel, house, etc. It keeps everything organized in separate compartments but also can be put up to hang down so it’s visible and you know exactly where everything is. GENIUS! My first time using it made me realize I had clearly been doing things all wrong. 

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  • Travel Blanket + Neck Pillow Combo

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s great for planes, car rides, and I am sure anything else you have to sit and travel on. Some places are way colder than you prepare for, so the pillow and blanket combo that can be rolled into one and easily transported makes everything easy.  

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  • Air Tag

    Worried about losing your stuff? We know how airports can go, so why not track your own luggage just in case? An Air Tag will have the location of your bag right on your phone so that you know exactly where it is at all times!  

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  • Travel Bottles Set

    In case you have a lot of full-sized items and are using a carry-on, you have to be sure everything is TSA approved. I have learned my lesson, it’s no need to risk not being able to carry your items. So, just having the TSA-approved travel bottle to fill up with any liquids, creams, etc will make your life so much easier.

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  • Headphone Adapter for Planes

    We all know planes have those headphone jacks for you to watch movies and shows. But, if you don’t have the classic headphones with the proper cable then you can’t hear anything. It’s the worst. So, this adapter to allow you to use your AirPods and other wireless headphones to listen to movies and shows on the plane will make the trip easier.

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  • Charger Plug Extender

    In case you go somewhere with not enough outlets or need more plugs in a specific area, then this is perfect for you. I typically use stuff like this when I need more things plugged up at once. You know, flat irons, curling irons, speakers, phones, cameras, and whatever else I may be charging and need to be somewhat near me it’s the perfect thing to have. You never know when you might need it. You can also be sure to get the ones adaptable for European travel if you’re going out that way.

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Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at

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