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Personality Profile … What Your Favorite Wine Says About Your Personality … According to a study by Barefoot Wine

Red wine drinkers … introverted .. like the outdoors … are early birds … love dogs.

Sparkling wine drinkers … outgoing and extroverts.

White wine drinkers … like being the life of the party … can often be found taking selfies … like the indoors … tend to be night owls  … love cats

Rosé drinkers … tend to be the party planners of their group … night owls …. love dogs … most likely to get a tattoo.

For those of us who think we need to have a glass of wine before bed to help us have a better night’s sleep, you need to think again.  I have tried having white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, and even Sangria to help me get a better night’s sleep and nothing seemed to work.

I have had one glass, and even multiple glasses, and found that is not like taking a sleeping aid for a good night’s sleep. Wine is a stimulant so it will keep you up instead of relaxing you.

A study by Finland’s Tampere University of Technology reveals that drinking two glasses of wine before bed can reduce sleep quality by 40%. One glass of wine can reduce sleep quality by 24%

Researchers tell the Daily Mail; ”When you’re physically active, or younger, it’s easy, natural even, to feel like you’re invincible. However, the evidence shows that despite being young and active you’re still susceptible to the negative effects of alcohol on recovery when you are asleep.

While we may not always be able to add hours to our sleep time, with insight into how our behaviors influence the restorative quality of our sleep we can learn to sleep more efficiently. A small change, as long as it’s the right one, can have a big impact.”

12 Wine Essentials Every Wine Lover Needs

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May 25th is National Wine Day. Not that anyone needs an official day as an excuse to open a bottle or two of wine. But if you do, then your time has arrived, and we want to help make that experience even better. 

Whether you’re a wine newbie, affectionately referred to as a “wine snob” or somewhere in between, these 12 wine essentials make life more entertaining, more simple, more fun, and more delicious. 

  • Coravin Timeless Wine Preservation System

    One of the most creative wine gadgets ever, the Coravin allows you to taste a wine or have just one glass without popping the cork. Once a cork is removed and oxygen is introduced, wine begins to oxide. Coravin uses a surgical needle to penetrate the cork, extract the wine and fill the empty space with argon gas rather than oxygen, preserving what is left until you’re ready to finish the bottle.

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  • Beach Sand Bottle Stopper

    Sometimes it happens, you don’t finish a bottle of wine and need to put a stopper in it. Or if you’re outdoors, you might want to keep a cork in, to keep the bugs out. This sentimental stopper is custom-made with a clear topper filled with sand from your favorite beach. The company has a “sand bank” with granules from about 1500 locations nationwide.

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  • Stemless Wine Glass Charms

    How many times have you lost your glass or picked up another person’s glass at a gathering? Wine charms make things easier, as long as you can remember what charm you chose. These are magnetized, perfect for stemless glasses, and as a bonus, for dog lovers. Just be gentle when connecting the ends on delicate glassware. The magnets are strong.

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  • Stemmed Wine Glass Charms

    We can’t leave out cat lovers, or charms best suited for your stemmed glasses. These wine charms are the perfect combo. Made from 100% silicon, they are safe, won’t fade, and are easy to maneuver or cuddle around a variety of stemmed glassware.

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  • Riedel Wine Glasses

    Even if you have dozens of wine glasses in your cabinets investing in the “proper” glassware makes a big difference in how wine tastes. The folks at Riedel conduct exhaustive research on how the shape of glass and length of the stem allows you to smell and taste specific grapes. It really does make a difference in side-by-side comparisons. If cabernet is your jam, start by investing in a set of cab glasses.

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  • Wine Lover’s Let's Make Pour Choices Napkins

    Colorful cocktail napkins add that extra touch when entertaining and these are fun for wine any wine lover. Especially those who like to make pour choices 😉

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  • Bathtime Wine Holder

    Getting ready for a night out is always more fun with a glass of wine on hand for inspiration. This designer holder keeps the glass off the counter and out of harm’s way. It’s also perfect for mounting by your tub for those nights in, with a bubble bath and a good book.

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  • Outdoor Wine Table

    For your next sunset celebration on the beach, or picnic in the park, this portable table makes wine drinking easy and adds a touch of class. No more sand on your bottle or tipping over glasses on uneven surfaces thanks to this pack and go piece.

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  • Reusable Ice Cubes

    Keeping wine cool is essential, especially in the summer months. Drop these reusable cubes into a glass of wine to keep it cool. Made from BPA-free plastics, they won’t affect flavor. They are also safer to use in a delicate wine glass than those heavy, bulky chilling stones. Color coordinate with your red or white wine and you’ll barely notice them in the glass.

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  • Amore Wine Decanter

    Decanters are always good to have on hand, especially when opening a younger vintage. They help the wine “breathe,” or open, revealing more of its subtleties and layers of flavors. However, many decanters are hard to maneuver and clean. This one gets the job done and does it from the heart, literally and figuratively, with its clever design.

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  • 4 Piece Wine Tool Kit

    Having the right tools to open and pour a bottle is wine 101. This kit has a little bit of everything to make getting into that bottle a breeze, from a foil cutter and opener to an air-tight sealer that even fits Champagne bottles to keep the bubbles fresh.

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  • Electric Corkscrew

    When you just can’t be bothered with, or perhaps have problems with removing a cork, this electric corkscrew is the bomb. It’s also a great gadget for that person who has everything. Just set the apparatus on top of the bottle, push a button, and viola. In seconds you’ll be pouring your first glass.

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