Before we can talk about the most popular cat breed in New Jersey or any state we should establish the total amount of cat breeds that are in existence. Unfortunately, we can’t do that because the total number varies greatly depending on who you ask. Some cat associations claim there are about 40 cat breeds. Others say the amount of breeds is about 90, but then there are also claims that there are over 100. So the official answer to the question “how many cat breeds are there” is “we have no idea at all.”

One thing we do know is that according to a new study by Shane Co. the most popular cat breed in New Jersey is the Turkish Angora.  They compiled a list of 46 cat breeds from Purina and used Google search results from the past five years to find the top cat breed in every state. To determine the most cat-obsessed states, they used the total search volume of the 46 cat breeds and ranked the states by the highest search volume.

The most popular cat breed overall was a tie between Javanese and Sphynx, followed by American Shorthair, Birman, and Peterbald. Other popular breeds include Exotic Shorthair, Persian and Russian Blue.

Here are some other fun facts according to the study:

  • The state that seems to love cats the most is Washington
  • The least cat obsessed is Washington DC
  • A good hypoallergenic cat is the Cornish Rex and is popular in Michigan and Minnesota
  • The Maine Coon prefers states with cooler weather like Maine

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