Air Conditioner

When it comes to sizing air conditioning equipment to install in your home, the phrase “bigger is better” is one that definitely does not apply. Before installing an over-sized system that will never function properly, it is important to understand how an air conditioner works so you can make an informed decision.

Your air conditioning system is responsible for two jobs, the second of which is often times overlooked. First, it cools and lowers the temperature of the air. Second, it removes moisture from the air. In order to achieve its second objective, the system needs to run for a prolonged period of time so that it can draw down the humidity effectively. If the system is over-sized, the temperature will drop too quickly, shutting itself down before it has the opportunity to remove any moisture. As a result, you’ll be left with cool yet humid and uncomfortable conditions.

On a related note, the constant turning on and off of a system that is reaching temperature too quickly can cause unnecessary wear and tear, potentially shortening the life of the equipment and all of it’s components. Sizing your air conditioner appropriately will help cut down on the cumulative number of start-ups and shut-downs the system has to endure, putting less strain on each individual part and cutting down on the frequency of costly repair work.

Between the increased comfort you’ll enjoy from a properly sized system and the lower costs in overall maintenance, it really does pay to make sure you are installing the correct equipment in your home.

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