Heating/Cooling System

At a time when we are looking to increase the energy-efficiency of every aspect of our lives, the motors in our heating and cooling systems are no exception. In fact, a major change in the “fan efficiency rating” goes into effect early July of 2019, as per a new Department of Energy regulation.

The old style of motor that is being phased out is a PSC motor, or “permanent split capacitor.” This style is inefficient because it is only capable of operating at one single, constant speed. The newer, more energy efficient version is known as an ECM, or “electronically commutated motor.” These motors allow for variable speeds depending on what the unit is actually calling for, allowing for energy savings during periods of lower demand. Considering that Department of Energy research shows that the average PSC furnace fan consumes 10% of the homes electricity for the year, savings on improved efficiency can be quite substantial–upwards of $500 over the course of the unit’s life.

While production of PSC motors will be discontinued after July, sales of current inventory will be allowed until stock is depleted. If you are considering changing the heating and cooling equipment in your home, it is definitely recommended that you make sure that the unit being quoted has the newer style ECM motor or you could be leaving significant savings on the table.

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