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As temperatures begin to dip below freezing, a serious concern among home owners is freezing and bursting pipes. The chief culprit is often times a hose bib on the exterior of the house, making it especially vulnerable to freezing temperatures. If you have a standard hose bib that requires winterization, forgetting to do it even one time can have dire consequences.

FaucetA frost-free hose bib is the solution for those of us who don’t wish to live with the risk of a costly flood hanging over our heads, as well as those who simply don’t want to be bothered with one more piece of household maintenance to deal with. Instead of having to valve off your hose bibs each winter and drain out any residual water, a frost-free hose bib essentially does that work for you each time you use it.

Instead of shutting off the water right behind the handle like a normal hose bib– basically leaving an active water line outside in the elements– a frost-free hose bib has an extended stem so that when you turn the handle, the closing action is actually taking place several inches further back inside the house, so that no water is left remaining in any piping exposed to the cold. The excess water left in the outdoor portion of the hose bib automatically drains itself out, and just like that, your hose bib has just winterized itself. As an added bonus, should a need ever arise during the winter that you need to use your outdoor hose bib, it is always active and ready for use. For anyone looking to change or simply upgrade their hose bibs, converting to a frost-free style is certainly an option worth considering.

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