Here are three proven tips to get the most out your your air conditioning unit so you can save some money.

  1. Switch to a pleated air filter
    For only about a dollar or two extra per filter, you can upgrade from the standard spun-glass 1″ air filter to a pleated version. The folds in the pleated filter create more surface area, allowing the filter to catch more particles. Not only will this limit the amount of allergens in the air and protect your evaporator coil better, but it will last longer than a standard filter too.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat (or actually program the one you already have)
    Programmable thermostats are wonderful for cutting down unnecessarily high electric bills. You never want to turn your air conditioning completely off when you’re not home, but a temperature scale back of 4-6 degrees when you’re away is a great way to cut down on your energy bill while still maintaining a reasonable temperature in the house. And if you want to go one step futher, you can even install a Wi-Fi thermostat and tinker with the temperature anytime, anyplace.
  3. Install a water alarm
    One of the most common air conditioning service calls is for a clogged condensate line. The impact of such an occurrence can vary greatly. If you are someone who lives on the upper floor of an apartment or condo building, it can be disastrous for your neighbor below. To avoid any hard feelings (and an insurance claim), a water alarm can help in this situation. Just place it on the floor around your air conditioning system and it will detect any water that comes into contact with it. They range from models that just simply beep loudly to versions that can send an alert to your phone or even shut down your unit to prevent any further damage until the issue can be addressed. Even if your system is located in an unfinished basement and isn’t a risk to flood anything, an unnoticed backup can leak down into your furnace and short out electrical components or rust your heat exchanger, leading to expensive repairs or even complete system replacement.


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