When it comes to saving on your energy bill, every dollar counts, and even the smallest changes can make a difference. Combined, a lot of small changes can add up to huge savings, sometimes slashing your energy bill by as much as half.

  1. Replace Your Old, Inefficient Furnace
    On average, roughly 45% of your energy bill is attributed to heating and cooling costs. Right off the bat, replacing your old, inefficient furnace and air conditioning with new, high-efficiency models can return significant savings on your investment. A high-efficiency furnace, for example, can easily cut your monthly heating bill by 15% or more. Over the life of the unit, that could add up to some huge savings.

  2. Seal Ductwork and Insulate Heating Lines
    To get the most out of your heating system, ensure that the delivery system is not suffering unnecessary heat loss. For a forced hot air system, that means sealing all the seams of your ductwork to eliminate air leakage. For a steam or hot water boiler, that means insulating heating lines to prevent them from cooling off so quickly.

  3. Seal Attics and Outside Walls
    Make sure that attics and outside walls are well insulated. This will make sure that your heating and cooling stay inside the house where you want it, rather than escaping and causing your system to run more than it needs to.

  4. Open Shades and Blinds
    Take advantage of free heating in the winter by opening shades and blinds on southern and eastern facing windows to let in sunlight. Likewise, shade trees in the summer can do wonders for reducing extra heat from the sun.

  5. Install a Programmable Thermostat
    Install a programmable thermostat to minimize running your heating or cooling too much when no one is home. You never want to shut your unit completely off, but you also don’t need to run an empty house at full capacity.

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