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Is it time for you to start looking into replacing your old, broken-down furnace? If so, you may want to consider upgrading to a high efficiency system. When it comes to older furnaces, you really do not get much bang for your buck. For instance, if your unit is from before 1992, chances are it is less than 78% efficient. In fact, it wasn’t until 2013 that the minimum standard rose to 80% efficient. That means that for every dollar you spend on your energy bill, at least 20 cents is lost up your chimney. Month after month, year after year, that waste can really add up.

The good news is that many current product lines now offer furnaces all the way up to 98.5% efficient. While the initial investment for the equipment will certainly be higher than a standard 80% unit, you will feel the savings in your energy bill every month of the heating season and savings will typically exceed the added cost by the end of the furnaces life span. New Jersey even offers rebates for high efficiency furnaces starting at 95% which will help cushion some of the blow for the more expensive unit. Because high efficiency units are typically the more expensive, higher end models, they oftentimes will also come with additional features that increase both performance and operation costs, such as multi-stage gas valves blower motors.

If the additional upfront cost is something you can manage, it is definitely worth considering a high efficiency furnace that will cut down not only on your energy bill, but on your carbon footprint as well.

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